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Problems Developed by 2000 Institute Faculty


School of Social Ecology

Course Psychology and Social Behavior P9
Introduction to Human Behavior
Instructor Linda Levine
Teaching Assistant Kimberly Babb
Problem "Remembering the Verdict: A Problem-Based Learning Approach to Studying the Effects of Emotion on Memory"


Course Urban and Regional Planning E131U
Diversity and Environments
Instructor Kristin Day
Teaching Assistant Shari Mitchell
Problem "Planning for Public Transportation in Orange County"


Course Criminology, Law, and Society J7
Introduction to Criminology
Instructor Richard Leo
Teaching Assistant Blaine Bridenball
Problem "People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson"


Course Environmental Analysis and Design E3
Human Environments
Instructor Shari Stern
Problem "Ecotourism: Is this a Solution to Species Preservation?"


Course Psychology and Social Behavior 194W
Naturalistic Field Research
Instructor Raymond Novaco
Teaching Assistant Kelly Jarvis
Problem "The Case of DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)"


School of Biological Sciences

Course Biological Sciences 1A
Introduction to Ecology
Instructor Rudi Berkelhamer
Teaching Assistant Howard Medina
Problem "The Case of the Killer Bees"


School of Social Sciences

Course Social Sciences 10C, Economics 10C
Introduction to Statistics (3rd quarter)
Instructor Bernard Grofman
Teaching Assistant Anthony Crider
Problem "Does More Money Buy Better Education?"
Student Evaluations Results


School of Humanities

Course History 41C
Europe in the Twentieth Century
Instructor Lynn Mally
Teaching Assistant David Johnson
Problem "Appeasement in the Twentieth Century"
Problem 1: "The Munich Accords"
Problem 2: "Appeasement after Munich: The Case of Kosovo"


Course (Course number to be determined)
The "Racial State"
Instructor Bob Moeller
Teaching Assistant Amy Lyons
Problem Historical Inquiry and the Holocaust
Problem 1: "The Final Solution"
Problem 2: "The Nuremberg Trials"


School of Engineering

Course Engineering E54
Principles of Materials Science and Engineering
Instructor Jim Earthman
Teaching Assistant Ian Nieves
Problem The Sinking of the Titanic
Student Evaluations Results